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Don't let go

Our pure beeswax is too precious to throw out so keep your candle stubbs and try using them in any of these ways

To re-use
Melt any leftover beeswax the same way you melt chocolate, by placing the wax pieces in a heat proof bowl and resting the bowl in a saucepan of simmering water on the stovetop. Don’t have the heat too high! Remove the wax from the stove when it is liquid and let it cool a little before you pour.

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With that in place, try pouring into the vessel of you choice – Morrocan tea glass, a small wine glass, sea shells, anything not flammable.

IF your leftover beeswax is neither coloured nor scented, you can also use it to make lip balm, furniture polish, saddle soap and much more.

Keep a small block of beeswax in your sewing kit. To strengthen buttonhole thread, simply pass the tread over the edge of the beeswax until it feels stiff and tough. This is also ideal for bookbinding thread.

Make your very own petrochemical free furniture polish.

Using 4 parts of vegetable oil, 1 part of beeswax and between 10 – 40 drops of any good quality essential oil of your choice. Measure and warm the vegetable oil and beeswax together on the stovetop until the beeswax has melted. Remove from heat and stir well.

Add essential oil and stir well to combine. Decant and let set. To use, dab a bit of the polish on a lint free cloth and rub into furniture until a soft shine appears.

There are many good ideas on the web and some great YouTube clips on these subjects for you to explore.

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