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There is nothing better than beeswax candles and Michelle makes the most beautiful candles around. She has made me one to order which adds so much beauty to the atmosphere at home. Love them. 
Yolande Gray, Sydney, NSW

I use LuxMi candles DIY candle making kits to make candles for my meditation practice and find the warm, beeswax scent very soothing and a great aid for concentration. I also love giving LuxMi as a special gift to other meditators – especially the beautiful red roses.   TL, Willoughby, NSW

I've been giving LuxMi candles as gifts to my close friends for years. I know they are made with love and care, they are beautiful to look at and they burn so well, giving off a wonderful aroma and energy. The unique designs make it possible to find a gift to suit any occasion. I have also been fortunate to receive them as gifts and I always really value their special quality in my own home.
Julie G, Willoughby, NSW

The feeling of love and peace as a result of burning a LuxMi candle is priceless. I only use pure beeswax candles now after learning of their purity.  My children happily make birthday candles for their cakes, with the DIY sets. My personal favourite is the large orange rose pillar with fig forest oil.   Thank you Michele for creating LuxMi candles.  May you always BEE happy .
Adrianne, Sydney, NSW

As a candle-maker hobbyist, I have appreciated the inspiration and informational guidance Michele from LuxMi has offered with the making of my beeswax candles. Her knowledge of the bees and her passion for the importance of the use of natural beeswax in our environment contributes to her successful business.
Julie, Candles ‘n’ Colour, Broome, WA

Once you have burnt LuxMi beeswax candles you can never go back. They have an intangible healing quality. It is probably because they are made with love all the way from the bees to the candle.
M.H. Willoughby, NSW

When I first saw LuxMi candles, it was a feast to the eyes... I didn't know which one to buy so I bought a few!  Every candle is so delicately and lovingly made and the beeswax has a wonderful scent.  Over the past 2 years I have purchased LuxMi candles for gifts for friend’s birthdays, for my children and even teachers at school - it's the joy and delight in their face when receiving a LuxMi candle that makes you feel good too!  I love that there is a varied selection of designs and colours for any occasion."  Please feel free to amend if it sounds too cheesy, but it's true!!
Kathryn, Killarney Heights, NSW

We thoroughly enjoy soaking in a bath, with the lights out and the LuxMi tea-lights flickering.  They create a beautiful ambience and it is mesmerizing to watch them.  The fragrance they give off is delightful and we so appreciate having pure beeswax tea-lights.
H&M, Illawong, NSW

Michele totally puts 'heart and soul' into her candles.  Once you've experienced one of Michele’s exquisite 100% natural non-toxic bees wax candles which come in a range of designs with their lovely honey scent, you'll never look back & what’s more, they're the perfect gift! 
Megan, Newport, NSW

 It is a pleasure to say a few words for your beautiful candles.
A LuxMi candle sits in front of our Buddha in our lounge-room at all times and we light it every evening. What a delight it is to have one of your large beeswax candles burning there for literally months at a time.  The gentle aroma is lovely as is the delicate filigree patterns in the thin shell of wax on the sides that remains after burning.  Your candles burn brilliantly, not likes so many others we have had in the past that just don't.  Also it is good to know that in using such special candles, beautiful energies are defusing into our space - and, we are supporting sustainable practice as well as you as a Master Candle Maker.
Wendy, Adelaide, SA

LuxMi candles are beautifully and lovingly hand crafted from natural beeswax. Michele's creations are unique in form and colour, making the perfect gift – if you can bear to give them away. 
Julia, Killarney Heights, NSW

I fell in love with Michele's candles a long time ago not only for their absolute beauty, extreme high quality, but the attention to detail in every single candle that she manages to make look like a piece of artwork. Being that I am an owner and operator of a Natural Health Clinic, the utmost important thing about my business is, knowing that Michele supplies myself and my clients products of such high standards that are made from natural ingredients. The smell of a natural bees wax candle is absolutely divine and can really sooth mind body the soul! Jasminka, La Diosa Beauty Salon, Neutral Bay, NSW

LuxMi candles are beautiful. I have one at the center of my table and light it every night. It brings warmth and a nourishing sense to meal time. Since it is made of "pure" beeswax, I know the candle will burn for many hours, and will actually help to clear the air where it is lit. I have also gifted candles for housewarmings, special days and corporate/business events. I know that by purchasing a LuxMi candle, I am doing a small part for the greater good of all. And that feels good!
KH, Forestville

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